Screaming ... How can you be gone ? No you will be home tomorrow You are just staying at the neighbors Wait you are gone Blood all over the ground This is a nightmare I miss you so much I screamed on the outside for hours Crying and screaming I lost myself I lost my... Continue Reading →



Yes, you read the title it's called Faith. But no I'm talking about the faith of religion. I'm talking about the faith we put in other people. Sometimes as humans we put all our faith in one or more people to love us. This is wrong. You know why this happens. We forget to love... Continue Reading →


They say you will meet a couple cowards Before you meet that one brave soul The one that won't let anything stand between you The one that never gives up on you But for now ....all you see are the cowards from your past The ones that couldn't make it through The ones that said... Continue Reading →


When I hear about you my heart beats faster When I dream about you it's almost like you are next to me But when I wake up and reality sets in Anxiety is there like usual but in a frightening way Almost like I lost the love of my life...


Finals just makes me think of how I am going to miss my current class group I will miss the girl that I can tell anything to The one that gets me starbucks and boba whenever she has time We have become the closest of friends And guess what she is one of the only... Continue Reading →

Dear Future Love of My Life,

In a world filled with darkness In a world filled with sadness I want to be the light that guides you And sets you free   When your world is falling apart I should always be the one you run too...   To my future love of my life.      

The End

Dear, The last time we saw each other it was a yelling match. Looking back I could see how much you cared. The fact you spent your time arguing with me really did show you cared about us. Yes, that's an odd thing to say, but that's truly how I think about it. Even though... Continue Reading →


Unexpectedly I found a friend in you Unexpectedly I found good in you The more you tell me The more I want to be your friend You don't have to be scared to open up I won't run away from you Because I'm friend that you can count on I will listen to every word... Continue Reading →

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