Single at 25

Are you married ? When are you having kids ? How many ? When are you buying a house ? The pressure of society really hits you But I know in my head that being independent is the best road for me as of now And maybe for the rest of my life Most of... Continue Reading →



I could not take it when you said the words "you wanted to meet another person" I try to understand the logic behind your words but my heart just dropped to my stomach I just had to delete you at least from Snapchat I sat there for the whole day trying to comprehend my feelings... Continue Reading →

Tainted Love

You say our love is tainted and that you could probably never go back I have said too much But you know what the crazy part is You made me hold onto all of the feelings I had for you You made me think we could possibly have a future And when you told me... Continue Reading →

Are you my soulmate ?

Do I believe in just one soulmate ? I think it's possible, but I believe there can be more than one But I do know this ... Whenever I'm with you I feel so happy inside We are one in the same when it comes to life morals We are totally basic but so complicated... Continue Reading →

A deeper meaning

As I look around the room waiting for my oil change to be done Everyone is either reading Or looking at there phone But I wonder if they see the deeper meaning in a world full of bullshit We are all going to die at some point Why don't we try to talk or even... Continue Reading →


Screaming ... How can you be gone ? No you will be home tomorrow You are just staying at the neighbors Wait you are gone Blood all over the ground This is a nightmare I miss you so much I screamed on the outside for hours Crying and screaming I lost myself I lost my... Continue Reading →


Yes, you read the title it's called Faith. But no I'm talking about the faith of religion. I'm talking about the faith we put in other people. Sometimes as humans we put all our faith in one or more people to love us. This is wrong. You know why this happens. We forget to love... Continue Reading →


They say you will meet a couple cowards Before you meet that one brave soul The one that won't let anything stand between you The one that never gives up on you But for now ....all you see are the cowards from your past The ones that couldn't make it through The ones that said... Continue Reading →


When I hear about you my heart beats faster When I dream about you it's almost like you are next to me But when I wake up and reality sets in Anxiety is there like usual but in a frightening way Almost like I lost the love of my life...

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